Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Long Time No Blog!

I really haven't even been that busy so I have no excuse for no updates! Since we last chatted the babies have turned 20 months old. We're well on our way to having double the 2 years olds in our house and that should be an interesting time in all of our lives!

Football season in our household is a busy time. Trey and I are lifelong Hog fans and Trey graduated from UCA so we also support those Bears. It seems like from now until December every weekend is full with travel to a game or plans to watch at home. I wouldn't have it any other way but it does make for craziness from time to time. The babies have learned their own version of the hog call and have the Whoo Pig part down pat. They can also tell you what a bear says with the growling and bear claws. We had to make sure they were ready to cheer!

Another time of excitement for me has come with joining BSF and studying the book of Isiah. One of the clinicians at work told me about BSF and I had been praying about a new area of study and the timing was just perfect. I love my small group and have already been blessed by God through the study of his word. If you ever get a chance to be a part of a BSF study I would recommend it. The commitment can be a little intimidating but already the reward has been so great!

Of course, I can't wrap up without sharing about my trip to Hogwarts. I'm a huge reader and got on to the Harry Potter series a little late but totally fell in love with the characters, story, and movies. It's one of my favorite book/movie series of all time and I share that love with several other of my girlfriends. When we all heard that Universal in Orlando was creating a HP theme park we knew we wanted to go and amazingly it all worked out for us to be able to do that. We went the last week in September and it was a perfect trip. Great weather, great fellowship, no lines, and HP, what could be better?

I guess that is all of the excitment I can think of sharing and by now the two of you left reading are so glad I'm done!