Monday, April 27, 2009

How far we've come

Click our picture and we will get bigger.

Baby Blessing

The babies are 3 months old. It's hard to think about how fast time has flown by. When we look at their newborn pictures it's like we had totally different kids! They are smiling all the time, grabbing at things, "talking" by making sweet little baby noises, and wanting to laugh out loud. They can sit up propped up, and both have really good head control. They are also sleeping really well, for the most part. Mom and Dad have rejoiced several times when we weren't awakened until 5:00 or 6:00 am. They seem to be progressing right along schedule.

Of course we've been taking loads of pictures of the babies at home, but I wanted to get some "professional" shots done. Not knowing how they would react, we went to JC Penny to get the first ones done. It wasn't a terrible experience. We didn't have to wait too long, and the babies didn't have a melt down. However, it's extremely hard to get two 3 month olds to smile at the same time. Olivia, the perpetual grinner, wouldn't crack a smile and of course Hulse was full of smiles. We got a couple of good shots. Hopefully when we go back for 6 month pictures they will cooperate at the same time.

Sunday was a special day for the babies and us with baby dedication at church. This is a public way of saying we commit to surrender Hulse and Olivia to the Lord and to raising them as Godly parents. It's a great feeling as parents to have a congregation of people pray for you and your children. I know that our church is just as dedicated as we are to teaching our kids how much Jesus loves them. It is an awesome privilege and responsibility to be given the gift of children!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We've got the Fever!

Friday we got that first call from daycare that Olivia was running a fever. Our first sickness wasn't too bad, just a little fussiness and the fever was over Monday late morning. I've heard my girlfriends talk about the stupid fever viruses that you can't do anything about, so I knew it was coming. Everyone is back to normal today.

My parents went to Fayetteville this weekend and went up to Branson on Friday to do some shopping. They went bananas at the Carter, Oshkosh, Baby Gap, and Children's Place outlets. We got the cutest summer stuff for the babies. I can't wait to put them in it all. If you're looking for deals for babies/kids clothes they said Branson is the place to go.

Also, I have to post this hilarious picture of Trey. The babies are on soy formula because of some tummy trouble and let's just say you can smell the difference. Trey went to change Olivia's diaper on Saturday and this is what he came in wearing. Too Funny!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a fun celebration of the babies first holiday.Even with the cold rain, we got them all dressed up and off to church and to lunch in Pine Bluff. My mom still had my first Easter dress so Livi got to wear that and she looked precious. They are still little so I can match them without resistance, so Hulse looked handsome in his sailor bubble suit. Of course their first Easter came complete with a visit from the bunny and lots of love from family and friends. Next year, I can just imigine them toddling around scooping up eggs. I love the fun stuff that comes with easter but I can't wait to teach Hulse and Livi that Jesus is the reason we celebrate Easter and just how much God loves them.
The past couple of weeks the babies have been smiling so much more. Now they get tickled on purpose and not just from gas or by accident. Livi is so funny and seems to know just what to do when the camera comes out. Hulse on the other hand likes to be entertained before he will show you the gums!We got a few cute pictures of some smiles.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Fun Weekend

We had a fun little weekend with our family.

Friday night Hulse and Olivia got to see their Gigi and Pappaw's motor home (affectionately called the "Moho"). They also got to see Aunt Pam and Uncle Bud for a while. We are big Razorback Fans and we tailgate in the Moho so we had to introduce them to what will be their home away from home beginning in August. We hope they will love MoHoing as much as we do!

Mammaw, Pappaw, Great Pappaw, Aunt Cindy, and Marley came to visit Saturday afternoon and got to love on the babies for a while.
Saturday night we took the babies to a Fish Fry with our Sunday school class. It was delicious food (Thanks to Blake and Allison) and fun to show the babies off. A lot of our group hadn't seen them at all or since they were teenie.

Sunday we went to church and Sunday school for the second time. Then we took the kids to their first baseball game. Trey and I are also big UCA Bear fans and we love baseball so we couldn't pass up a chance to get Hulse and Livi started early. They seemed to enjoy the time outside (other than the extreme wind) and Hulse was hilarious with the music at the game. Jonathan, Ashley, and Jack came over Sunday night and we started to plan our first vacation with babies for this August.

Through all of the activity the babies behaved perfectly. They are proving to be laid back and easy to take places. This is good since we're always on the go.