Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had so much fun this year for Halloween. Hulse and Olivia decided this was the year they weren't going to let me match their costumes and it was terrible okay. Hulse picked out a superhero, Wolverine. Olivia picked out a Disney princess of course, Ariel (with the tail). They looked cute and I only died inside a little.

We went to the Fall Fest activities at our church and it was major crowded but the kids had fun playing games and Hulse won a cake at the cakewalk. Halloween night we made plans to hayride and trick-or-treat with our neighborhood friends who are also school friends. It was predicted to be torrential rains but the weather was actually beautiful and the kids had a BLAST! We had a fun night and there is more candy in our house than any person should eat in a lifetime!