Monday, August 20, 2012

No Time Like the Present!

Nothing like a break for 6 months and then a massive update!

We had a fantastic Summer at the Hankins house. There was lots of swimming, playing, and relaxing. Gigi and Papaw treated us to a showing of Disney on Ice, which was a really fun time for all of us. We also took a family vacation to Branson with our good friends, the Peoples. We had fun in the water, playgrounds, and the kiddos loved the Dixie Stampede. We also took a first visit to a theme park while there and visited Silver Dollar City. It was a great trip.

This was your first year to play an organized sport, T-ball and I don't think you were disappointed. You were on the Cardinals and y'all were a good little team. You really liked playing offense and hitting the ball, but you weren't so interested in the defensive side of the game! It was a good first team experience and you had a really good time.
You really liked Silver Dollar City and were a daredevil, riding everything you were tall enough to get on. You really liked all of the rides and we think you are going to be a thrill seeker as you get older.
One big development this Summer was your swimming ability. You pretty much taught yourself to swim this year and as we come to the end of the year, you are swimming full time with no puddle jumper. We are so proud of how far you have come and think you would love to swim all the time if we would let you. You also worked on your jumping tricks and even started to dive a little bit.

You continued to do gymnastics at school over the Summer and you seem to really like it. Your teacher says you have a vibrant personality, so I thought that was a good compliment. You also liked Silver Dollar City alot, but you liked the non-wet rides, especially the roller coaster. You also liked riding the go-carts and wanted to go faster and faster on the big track. I think you will learn to be a daredevil in your own right!

You also worked on your swimming this Summer. You were a little hesitant for most of the year and we backtracked a little. But as we come to the end of the swimming season you are jumping and going under water with no problem.

You both started a new class at school this morning and are your last step away from pre-school. You both continue to learn so much every day and have worked a lot this Summer on writing your numbers and letters. Your new teacher is Ms. Melissa and I think you are going to learn even more in her classroom. We had a fantastic summer and are looking forward to a fun Fall and Holiday season.

Love you both,