Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pre-K Here We Come!

Hulse and Olivia,

You started Pre-K yesterday at Cedar Heights. I'm praying over you on this new beginning for a great year full of fun and growth. This year, you are the oldest kids at the center during the day, which means this will be your last year at school there. It's bittersweet. You will be up and on the way to new things but suddenly out in this great big world that I've tried to keep you from for a while. See, because I'm your mommy school means something different to me. I'm excited about all that you will learn but I know that with that knowledge you need me to "know stuff" for you less and less. You'll learn letters and won't need me to spell it all out for you. You'll learn numbers and math and you won't need me to make it all add up for you. You'll learn to read and I won't be needed to interpret your world. So while I'm looking forward to the year with a grateful heart I can't help but look back. You probably won't understand until you have your own kiddos but school is a beginning and an end.

Love you to the moon,

Starting the day with some treats and pictures. And of course, new shoes!
Running through the finish line at the end of a great first day!
Some back to school cookies to celebrate. Any excuse for a party!