Thursday, September 27, 2012

Falling In

We love some Fall around our house. We get really busy with school and church activities, but it is still a fun time. I love being able to open my windows air our my house and bring out my pumpkins!

This Fall you started a dance class on Tuesdays' at Rock City Dance. You are in love with dance and doing really well at it, in my amateur opinion. You are starting to learn ballet and tap. You have class with a couple of your little friends from church. I think this is something that you have come to really enjoy! You are still taking gymnastics at school and you really like that also. On Wednesday nights you have gotten big enough to go to choir before you have Mission Friends and you seem to really like that also. You love to sing and are learning some new songs! I recently got back from a mission trip to Greece and you did really well while I was away. Your teacher said you got a little emotional toward the end, but you and Daddy did great. I brought you back a pink bracelet with a painted wooden bead on it and a t-shirt. You always want to know what treat you get when anyone goes on a trip!

Your new activity this Fall has been TOT basketball. This is a program at school where you get to learn all the fundamental skills of the game. You like basketball day at school and we will see what you have learned at your program! You have also enjoyed attending lots of UCA and Razorback football games this year. That has been a fun thing for us to do as a family. You are also going to choir on Wednesday nights and love to sing. I heard you in there practicing your Christmas music and you were singing away! You and Daddy also did great while I was away on my trip and I couldn't wait to come home and see you. You got a Greek National soccer team uniform and a slingshot!
Your big news lately is that you lost a tooth! You may be the only 3 year old who has already had a visit from the tooth fairy. You hurt one of your front teeth at school and it had to come out. So we took you to Dr. Kitchen's and he gave you some silly gas, numbed up your lip, and that tooth came right out. They gave it to us in a little box that you put under your pillow that night. In the morning you woke up to find that the tooth fairy took your tooth and left you $5.00!!!! You said that you wanted to use it to buy a toy!