Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Jesus!

The Hankins house has wrapped up Christmas 2012 and it was a fun season of celebrating the birth of Jesus.
We have done lots of celebrating at school, at church, at home, and with family. We even did some celebrating in the dark! But, even in the dark we were able to cherish that Christmas is about the LIGHT of the world coming down to meet us in our darkness and bring us His light that cannot be put out. Hulse and Olivia, as you get older and gain a new and better understanding each year of what Christmas means, I pray that you will be able to celebrate more and more the light of Christ in each of your lives. It's not just a sweet story about a baby in a manger it is the story of the cross of Jesus Christ and it's transforming power to save you from your sins. That is the overwhelming prayer of your mom and dad for you, to know Him. If you celebrate loving Jesus and loving others in Jesus name, Christmas will be a never ending celebration for you!

Mamaw and Papaw Hankins House with all of the cousins. Crazy and fun! That night Nana and Papaw gave the kiddos a power wheel to play with at their house. The next day they all drove it until the battery died. I think they liked it!

Christmas Eve we went back to Pine Bluff for more fun!

Then Santa came! Olivia, you asked for a make-up table and a manicure cart this year. Hulse, you asked for a UCA football helmet.
Then....the weather began. It started with sleet and freezing rain around noon and just kept coming. We went to Gigi and Papaw's house early to try and eat and have Christmas before we lost power, but just as we sat down to dinner the lights went out. We had a romantic Christmas dinner by candlelight. You guys were ready to open gifts so we let you open yours by flashlight and then we headed home in the SNOW! Our power went out about 10:30 that night and was out for about 24 hours, so we feel blessed compared to many people we know. Hulse and Liv, we had a white Christmas for the first time in 80 something years, and we may never see it again. So it really was a Christmas to remember.