Friday, February 7, 2014

Rolling On Into 5!

Hulse and Olivia,

You have reached the tender age of 5! I remember when you were babies your dad and I would go into stores and look at the size 5 clothing and say how we never thought you would get that big. Yet, here we are. Five will be a big year for you. You will start kindergarten at a new school and learn more than ever. You already amaze us at what you know and learn everyday. We are your biggest fans and will always be there with you as new things come your way. We pray for you everyday and are so blessed to be your parents!

At 5 you are really into Superheros and Ninja Turtles. You still love to play sports and are really looking forward to your season of T ball. You also discovered video games this year and you like to spend time playing sports games on the Wii. You are learning to ride your bike without training wheels and I think by this Summer you will have it. You like to read adventure books and have started on some chapter book series. You are blending letter sounds at school and learning sight words. You can count well past 100 and by groups (10s, 20s, etc). You have done really well in school this year and you are ready for kindergarten. We love you and can't wait to see how much you grow this year.

A snapshot of you at 5 would have to include dolls and dress up. You love to put on one of your dress up outfits and pack your babies up to stroll all over. You like to have your nails done, do your make up (that's a sight), and have a great imagination. You will dress up and do singing shows all the time. You still are taking gymnastics and will probably continue that this year. You have done well and it's help build some confidence for you. You are artistic and love to color, draw, paint, and do projects. You also like to help out in the kitchen with dinner. You also have started some chapter book series and like the ones about puppies, kittens, princesses, and girl things. You are also doing blending ladders for school and learning those sight words also. You are counting past 100 and your handwriting and lettering is really good. You are such a fun and funny little girl and I know 5 will be great for you.

We celebrated 5 with a bowling party with so many of your sweet friends. It was crazy but I think everyone had a great time. After we bowled we had some hot dogs and cake, of course, to celebrate.