Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nine Month Inventory

We have a silk-lines bassinet;
we have two kinds of cribs
we have a hundred bibs.

We have a thousand diapers;
we have a rocking chair;
we have a tiny comb in case
the baby has some hair.

We have a baby carriage
and a car seat and a swing;
we have twelve baby bottles
and a prechilled teething ring.

we have ten books on baby care
and parenting techniques;
we have six rubber lap pads
in case the baby leaks.

We have three closets full of sheets
and blankets, towels, and clothes;
we have a baby-sized syringe
for cleaning out the nose.

We have a yellow rubber duck;
we have a soft brown teddy;
we have eleven charge cards
in case we're still not ready.

Leslie D. Perkins

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