Monday, June 29, 2009


This weekend marked a first for babies and grandparents alike. Hulse and Livi spent Friday and Saturday nights with their Nana, Gigi, and Papaws respectively. Trey and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary and the grandparents stepped in to give us a little break. It was so nice to spend time with one another and some good friends and not worry about bottle steamers, jarred green beans, or poo. I consider it pretty successful, no baby had a melt down and they slept pretty good. All in all we might get the grandparents to keep them again sometime.

Also, the babies turned 5 months old on Friday. It's so hard to believe they are getting so big! They are doing all kinds of fun things.

Hulse and Livi,
You love to:
Roll over and over (still working on that back to belly thing!)
Eat peas, green beans, carrots
Play in your jumperoo and your exersaucer
Talk, screech (Hulse), smile, giggle
Play with your toys and put everything in your mouth
You can both sit up unassisted for 10-15 seconds and then you slowly lean over, but you're getting better everyday
You are both still sleeping pretty well when you don't cough and wake yourself up
You both seem to love people. Of course you like your grandparents, but you also like your daycare ladies and the sweet ladies in the nursery at church.

It's something new everyday and I can't wait to see what you both do next.

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