Monday, August 17, 2009

Water Babies

You've seen the video now for the recap. We decided to take the babies to Scott, Donna, and Tanner's new pool to see how they would do in water bigger than the blow up pool in the backyard, and because mom and dad are always willing to test drive a pool!
Hulse and Livi, you did great! You really seemed to like the water and had no problem getting right in. You floated around in your boats but you also liked getting out and "swimming" around the pool. I've always heard that babies can take to water very naturally and Hulse you did that. Daddy took you out of your boat and you went straight to your belly and started kicking away. We have a future Olympic swimmer on our hands. We swam for over an hour and you both had a great time. I'm glad you liked it because mom and dad both love water. Here are some great pictures from the day.

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