Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What We've Been Up To...

Well, not too much exciting has been going on lately at the Hankins house. We've had a busy February with my birthday, my mom's birthday, a Valentine's Day trip for mom and dad, and plenty of snow days. Hulse and Olivia have been walking for quite a while now and are able to get where ever they want/need to go with no problem. This is super fun for them and quite a bit of work for mom and dad! They are doing really well drinking real milk and the elimination of bottles/formula at the house has been a real blessing. They go back to the doctor in March for immunizations so I'm sure I'll have some stats to report back. I've posted some pictures from around the house (playing in our new tent, thanks Aunt Andrea!) and some from cousin Asher's birthday party at Playtime Pizza. The babies had a blast! There is also a picture of a first for Hulse, his first busted lip. He fell on the window sill at daycare and got his first fat lip, the first of many I'm sure.

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