Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Destin 2011 - Chicken Nuggets in Paradise

I've been so busy since the end of summer that I've been putting off this post, but I want to get it down before I forget what we actually did. Our summer vacation this year was a fantastic trip to sunny Destin Florida. We went with some good friends who have a little girl and they were excellent traveling companions. We loved hanging out with them and having no other agenda than to rest and eat good food! Vacation is such a gift for us. It allows Trey and I to slow down our normal pace, reconnect with each other and let the kids deviate from their schedule a bit. Normally when we are away I'm ready to be home, but this time if there hadn't been a tropical storm brewing I could have moved on in for the duration!

Things I don't want to forget:
-Nothing like discovering your child might be car sick in the pitch black early morning. Also note that Dramamine could make your child almost fall asleep in mid-sentence.
-The traffic design in Mobile is bananas.
-There is NOTHING like crossing over the bay bridge and smelling that air, ahhhh vacation.
-Villa Coyaba, our place of residence, might have been nicer than my home. Just saying.
-The kids loved the water the first couple of calm days. It was glassy and crystal clear. We got some good ocean time in those first two days.
-You can own/pack too many sand toys.
-We had so many great meals. Thank you: Crab Trap, The Back Porch, AJ's, Louisiana Langinappe, The Donut Hole, and Red Bar. (I think that got them all!)
-The kids ate shrimp for the first time and no one's throat closed up!
-It was so nice to be able to stay up late and have good conversation with very funny friends! We love you guys!
-There is nothing better than a beach nap. Also, nothing better than a good book and an ocean view.
-Trey and John decided to brave the red flag waves one afternoon. It was a comedy show to watch them get pummled from the balcony. No real casualities other than a skinned knee, crab attack & hat.

We had the best time making memories on this trip! Thank you Lord for good times, good friends, our children & the majesity of your creation!

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