Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Number Three!

Hulse and Olivia,

Just like that you are three years old. It's amazing how quickly a year flies by. You are really not babies anymore and have moved solidly into the "kid" category. One was all new, two was lots of fun, and I'm looking forward to what three will bring.

You are such a boy. If it involves running, rough and tumble, and loud noise you are in. You are a fun little guy and have NO problem being the center of attention. There is really not a shy bone in your body. At your birthday party this year you and your friends sat in a circle and told your name with no hesitation you yelled "Hulseman!". I think that in a nutshell defines your persona. I hope that you are always that fearless and outgoing. It's one of the unique things God has made in you and I know he has plans for you to use that character trait. You are lanky like your dad and weigh about 31 pounds. You love to eat and some of your favorite foods right now are squash and zucchini. You enjoy playing sports of all kinds but lately you've also gotten into superheros and pretend playing with your sister. You are officially potty trained as we move into three, have no more pacifiers, and sleep in a big boy bed. Hulse, it was such fun watching you grow the past year. I can't wait to watch and see how you change this year. Happy 3rd Birthday Buddy!

If Hulse is all boy, then you are more than all girl. You are so into all things girly, shoes, jewelry, make up, playing mommy, and pink. You are a little more shy than your brother and have to feel out a situation before you are really comfortable. But, you have a lot of little friends and seem to play well with all of them. Even though you can be shy you also have a bossy/mommy/teacher streak that can show up when you're playing. You are weighing in about 33 pounds these days and are a really good eater but can be a little picky when it comes to vegetables, but we're working on that! You are a MILK drinker and like chocolate milk as well. One of your favorite things to eat now are hamburgers, you want one all the time and can put it away if your are hungry. You like to play barbies, dolls, make believe and anything with your brother. You've been potty trained for the better part of 2, have no more paci, and sleep in your big girl bed. Olivia, you are a wonderful little girl full of sweet and sass. It's a great combination. I look forward to watching grow into three. Happy 3rd Birthday Livi Lou!

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