Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a fun celebration of the babies first holiday.Even with the cold rain, we got them all dressed up and off to church and to lunch in Pine Bluff. My mom still had my first Easter dress so Livi got to wear that and she looked precious. They are still little so I can match them without resistance, so Hulse looked handsome in his sailor bubble suit. Of course their first Easter came complete with a visit from the bunny and lots of love from family and friends. Next year, I can just imigine them toddling around scooping up eggs. I love the fun stuff that comes with easter but I can't wait to teach Hulse and Livi that Jesus is the reason we celebrate Easter and just how much God loves them.
The past couple of weeks the babies have been smiling so much more. Now they get tickled on purpose and not just from gas or by accident. Livi is so funny and seems to know just what to do when the camera comes out. Hulse on the other hand likes to be entertained before he will show you the gums!We got a few cute pictures of some smiles.


  1. How precious! These pics are adorable...Can't wait for them and Will to "hang out!" See you soon~ I am trying to get a Wednesday night bible study together again for the summer and do Esther....just wanted to let you know too!

  2. Jennifer,
    Have thought about you a lot since seeing you at the breastfeeding class last November. Your babies are precious. How are you all adjusting to a family of four?