Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We've got the Fever!

Friday we got that first call from daycare that Olivia was running a fever. Our first sickness wasn't too bad, just a little fussiness and the fever was over Monday late morning. I've heard my girlfriends talk about the stupid fever viruses that you can't do anything about, so I knew it was coming. Everyone is back to normal today.

My parents went to Fayetteville this weekend and went up to Branson on Friday to do some shopping. They went bananas at the Carter, Oshkosh, Baby Gap, and Children's Place outlets. We got the cutest summer stuff for the babies. I can't wait to put them in it all. If you're looking for deals for babies/kids clothes they said Branson is the place to go.

Also, I have to post this hilarious picture of Trey. The babies are on soy formula because of some tummy trouble and let's just say you can smell the difference. Trey went to change Olivia's diaper on Saturday and this is what he came in wearing. Too Funny!

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  1. I'm glad Livi is feeling better! The picture of Trey is cracking me up...I can totally see John doing the same thing! :)