Tuesday, January 5, 2010

R.I.P. Oreo

We don't know exactly when our first child, a cat named Oreo, was born, but this morning at around 1:45 am, he died at the emergency clinic in Maumelle. A poor, untrained diagnosis on my part put any chance for his recovery behind the 8-ball. By the time I finally took him to the clinic tonight around 10:15, it was really too late.

I'm going to miss you Big O (Olivia is Little O). You were my first ever pet. I know I might have complained because you often took up a lot of my side of the bed, but I know that already tonight I was missing you there with me.

Here's the oldest picture I could find from back around Christmas 2005:

And here's one from February 3, 2007, looking as handsome as ever:

Big and Little O

During the above photo shoot on Nov. 15, 2009, you got in on the action:

And finally one of your favorite pastime:

You hated car rides, loved meeting us at the door after work for your treats and did extremely well with your little brother and sister considering how they sometimes treated you. I'll miss you buddy. I'm sorry I didn't get you there sooner.

- Your dad


  1. How sad! I am so sorry! Loosing a pet is so hard!!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about little Oreo! It is hard to lose a pet even while they are hard to live with sometimes. They're still so lovable. I'm so sorry Trey!