Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hulse and Olivia's First Christmas and their 11-month birthday

Hulse and Olivia,

Your first Christmas was so much fun. I've always heard that Christmas is so much more fun with kids and I totally agree. Even though you didn't quite get it yet, you seemed to really enjoy all the attention you were getting. My heart is so full this year with memories of a first Christmas with you and our family and friends. I want you both to know the childlike joy of Christmas. I want you to know the fun and magic in cookies, trees, ornaments, lights, cold night air, reindeer, cheer, and of course Santa. These things are all so wonderful and I know that you will come to know your own special Christmas magic in years to come. Sweet babies, I also want you to know the joy in a Savior who loved you with such an unnameable passion that he sent his ONLY son to this world to save you from your sin. He sent that son knowing that in the end he would have to die to give that salvation and yet He knew there was no other way. And you know what? He would have sent that son even if it had been just the two of you that needing saving. The enormity of that sacrifice is more than enough reason to celebrate Christmas all year long! But we can't leave the tree up all year, so we'll say good bye to your first Christmas and wildly anticipate the many more to come.

"Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!" 2 Corinthians 9:15

In other news, you both turned 11 months on the 26th. (How can that be possible?!) Things are wild and crazy around our house these days. You are both so mobile now that if we turn around for even a second the toilet paper is off the roll, the trash is turned over, or you're eating the cat food. I know we're in for more and more of that to come. You are both awesome eaters and are pretty much done with baby food and eating what we are for meals. That's been nice on the wallet and baby gear factor of not having to lug jars and utensils everywhere we go. You are also done with the bottle and using only a sippy cup for milk or juice. I think this will be nice when we hopefully try milk in another month or so. You are such big kids to me now. I know you're still my babies but everyday you do or say something that makes me think that you're so big.

you have morphed into our laid back child. You're easy to please, easy to smile, and a sweetheart. You are good about playing by yourself but you really love your big brother and want to play with him when you can. You talk all the time but your real words are mama and dada. You say something with a B sound and are starting to do an N sound as well. You are ever so close to walking. As soon as you get the nerve to let go and try it you will be gone. You've got 3 teeth now and are a good little eater.

you are such a mess. You are a little high maintenance at this time and are prone to a little fussing if something isn't happening just like you think it should. You don't always want to share with Livi and sometimes that causes a little sibling argument. You're a talker as well and say mama, dada, and uh ohh. You also know that when someone sneezes people say bless you so you've decided that anytime someone says bless you you'll fake sneeze. That little trick has been killing at the family get togethers! You're a little behind your sister in the mobility department but are practicing walking everyday. You've got 3 teeth and another top one peeking in. You're totally into food of any kind and get super excited when it's time to eat.

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  1. Jennifer,
    They are precious! I love your note about Christmas...I don't think anyone could have captured the meaning better than you did in those words.