Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moving on up

So, a week or so ago, we were notified that Hulse and Livi were being promoted at daycare from "transition nursery" to "Toddler 1." Jennifer is taking it pretty well.

The new class means that there are no more cribs. They sleep on a mat in the floor. We'd love to see the first attempt at a nap where they just try to get them to lay down on the floor, outside of a cage.

Anyway, the other thing that we found out was that Toddler 1 also comes with a school supply list. They don't promote until the middle of August, but Jennifer has been so excited about the school supplies that we had to make a trip to Walmart . . . with a camera.


  1. A girl after my own heart. It is a very special day-the school supply day. I take the girls individually-and yes, you need an new backpack every year Trey! Of course, as with all things one loves the school supply list a little more than the other but... mom can be excited all around. Containers, for containers, cool teacher communication notepads, matching pencils and pens... Heaven!

  2. Adorable kids, y'all! Last time I saw Jen was at Gina's wedding and now they are so big.