Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our God is Greater

Isn't if funny that God always positions us to receive exactly the messages He wants us to hear, even when we're not trying to hear it? Several months ago I saw an ad for a Living Proof Live event with Beth Moore in Little Rock. I had been to one previously and thought that would be a good girls weekend for our Sunday school class. I was ready for a fun night out and God was ready to speak to me in a big way! Let me tell you that Travis Cottrell is AMAZING and if you get the privilege to have him lead you in worship take it. Two words into the first song and I just felt my desire to worship God pour out like a floodgate had been opened. I've been very disconnected in corporate worship for a while and I guess God wanted me to know just how much my soul has missed being abandoned to the Holy Spirit. That set the tone for the rest of the conference and it was so exciting to be poured out before the Lord. I've had a lot of disappointment and hurt in areas of my life that I never expected to and I haven't really asked God to heal me. I didn't even know I needed healing! As soon as Beth began to speak about putting down the disappointments and hurt my mind just began to swim with the feelings I've been pushing down.
Lord, I am thankful to you that you caught me unsuspecting. You just invaded my heart with my defenses down and I cannot say thank you enough. Lord, you have been my portion and strong tower and I'm thankful that you let me run to you. Thank you God that you are the only one in whom I can find fulfillment and that You are so willing to pour out your Spirit on me. Lord, I look forward to what You have next for me, even if it means hardship I know You mean it for good. I want you to work in me to the renown of Christ alone. Amen.

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