Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hungry (Pink) Eyes

It's been an exciting week or so in the Hankins household with the emergence of pink eye. Last Tuesday daycare called to say that Hulse's eye was pretty matted. About an hour later the director called to say that it was swollen shut and oozing (Gross, right?). By the time we got there it was pretty bad. A quick trip to the triage clinic and some antibiotic drops cleared it up pretty quickly. However, both babies now have stuffy noses and Hulse has a cough. Bless his heart, you can tell he wants to clear his throat he just can't figure out how. Again, you can't really give babies anything for colds so we've been rocking the humidifier and hoping for the best. Mom, dad, and babies hadn't been getting much sleep.Finally last night they both slept through the night again, so I think we might have turned a corner. I can't wait until they are big enough to NyQuil up!

In other exciting news, there is another couple at church who found out they are having twins. That makes 2 news sets in addition to ours. That is so fun!

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