Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long Weekend

There's not much new to report from the Hankins household. I'm very excited about a long weekend with no real plans. It will be nice to just hang out and do nothing if we want to.

I've started a workout boot camp to try and get back into some sort of shape after the babies took over my body. It's been hard and I've had a couple of aches and pains, but it's fun.

Olivia and Hulse have been great, growing like weeds. They've been doing all kinds of fun stuff, smiling, laughing, picking up toys, and Hulse has been rolling over. They are both pushing up when you lay them on their tummies and sitting in their Bumbo's well. In a recent development, they LOVE their Baby Einstein video. I put it in a couple of weeks ago to see what they would do and they've been mesmerized ever since. Last weekend Finding Nemo was on TV and they both loved watching it also. They will be 4 months old Tuesday and we go to the doctor for their check up/shots next Friday. I'm thinking we will get to start eating some cereal. They are both eating between 6-7 oz at a time and I think they are ready for something else to eat. We've had a few sleep set-backs due to sickness. Olivia had some type of bacterial infection and was running a fever and not sleeping very well, but she's feeling better and back to self.

Here are some new pictures.

Here's Livi finding a toy and of course putting it in her mouth.

So stinkin cute!

Happy baby boy.

Daddy gave us these outfits for Christmas last year.

Here we are watching Baby Einstein.

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