Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankful for 10 Months

Hulse and Olivia,
you were 10 months old this Thanksgiving day and are up to something different everyday. You are both crawling everywhere and getting into everything. Neither of you like to sit these days and prefer to be on the move or standing up.

Olivia, you are cruising around the ottoman and walking really well behind your lion toy.

Hulse, you're still working on the foot placement for the cruise but you can do a few steps.

Both of you are kind of clingy right now, not with mom and dad but with people in general. You don't really want to be alone at all and prefer to be played with nonstop. You have both started eating the lunch at school and have tried all kinds of new foods. You both ate well at Thanksgiving and loved the dressing, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. You are both doing well with the sippy cup, and we will start in January really trying to get away from the bottles as we move toward milk for both of you. Everyday you bring a new challenge, but you also bring a new joy, and we love you.

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