Monday, December 14, 2009

Quick Changes

Hulse and Olivia,
you have been up to so many new things it's hard to keep track. It's hard for your momma because I'm always excited about what you're doing but sad because it means you're leaving another stage too quickly. You both saw Santa for the first time and did pretty well. No one had a meltdown, but you were too enamored with the jolly old elf to look at the camera. You are also both way into people food and getting ready to leave the jar stuff behind. Saturday I couldn't believe that I was making a grilled cheese and cutting up a banana for my babies, they just can't be that big!

Your new tricks are waving and saying "uh-oh". There is a little boy at daycare who just learned to wave and I think he taught you. You haven't quite mastered hi or bye-bye yet but you'll throw that little hand up when we save wave and go to town. Saturday night you were pulling all of the contents out of my sock drawer and you dropped a pair of socks and said "uh-oh". I couldn't believe you were using it in context but you were and have done many times since then when you drop something. What a genius baby!

You are also waving but you're main new trick is cruising everywhere. You've been cruising around the ottoman for a while now, but now you can go from the ottoman through the kitchen and out the other side. It's going to be no time before you're walking baby girl.


  1. That dog sweater is so awesome.

  2. They are getting so big!! I love their Christmas outfits!!!

  3. How precious!!!! I love their pics and outfits. SOOOOO sweet. I am hoping that I get to see them Christmas eve. Love ya'll
    PS I need atleast a wallet size for my fridge!!